Just dream

Every dream comes true always starts with a dream. Then your great effort to make it happen comes later. This is my wish-list which I wrote in October 2015 and then my dream came true in May 2016 🙂


Before I applied for the study abroad program and be accepted, I’ve dreamed thousand times that I would be in these countries. I’ve even read a lot of travel books and blogs about these countries and made a long list of places and food I wanna try without thinking that I could make it actually. Then, everything went well and finally I was in Austria (and went to other places also). There were some regrets left when I couldn’t make the trip to Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia (oh just realize I spell them wrong so that’s why I can’t make it maybe ) but yah, you need some regrets as reasons to come back again 🙂


Don’t hesitate to add more things on your wish-list and try hard to make it happen 😀 Wish you can make your list done as much as possible 😀

These are the sites that I used to look up all information about European countries, hope you find them useful 😀 (Ctrl+F and type the place you want to search is faster)

Thanks for reading my note 🙂


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